Ways to show your boss that you appreciate them

The best way to get more people on board with showing appreciation is to do it yourself. Here are 20 simple ways to show your boss you appreciate them.

1. Hand write a thank you note. It is a wonderful thought that they will surely appreciate. Nothing says you appreciate your boss more than a personal note.

2. Acknowledge them publicly. If your boss has made a difference in your life, take a moment in the office to let them and your colleagues know how special they are to you and how grateful you are to have such a wonderful boss.

3. Feed them. Nothing makes people happier than FOOD! Take your boss out to lunch. One of our gourmet baskets would make a perfect snack for the office. Get him a fruit with basket with yummy snacks. One of our wine baskets would certainly make a wonderful gift, it includes lots of delicious gourmet snacks.

4. Thank them with a gift. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a big gift. Small tokens of appreciation such as flowers, or a bottle of their favorite wine will make an impact. Browse our website for gifts you think they might like.