How the Nutcracker become a Christmas Tradition


           Decorated nutcrackers have a unique history that goes beyond the inspiring ballet of Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker Suite”. Although it may have appeared earlier, the nutcracker’s popularity first grew in the 1700’s around Germany. Nutcrackers provided a source of entertainment at gatherings while being a household’s supernatural necessity. The ol’folklore states that these keepsake gifts protected the home from unseen dangers and bring the family good luck.

The second rising of the nutcracker came after the first performance of The Nutcracker Ballet in St. Petersburg of December 1892. From there, the ballet swept across the globe until finding a warm welcome here in the United States. The ballet became an instead classic and Nutcracker began a holiday tradition.

There’s a true artistry when it comes to making traditional nutcrackers. No machine can mimic the care nor the perfection of a true master at work. And no one has brought this tradition to life better than Kurt Adler. We have the best designs from The Kurt Adler’s world renowned artist: Holly R. Adler. Her unique style has added a whimsical touch while maintaining the old traditions of this craftsmanship. 

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So even if you can’t make it to the spectacular performance of the Houston’s Ballet performing The Nutcracker, you can keep the tradition alive by finding the perfect Nutcracker for your loved-ones.

Although the legend of these fierce protectors isn’t as common knowledge as it was in the 1700’s, giving one of these timeless gifts is still a Holiday favorite.

And with a little bit of belief in your heart might just discover the magic hidden in every true Nutcracker.